Phu Quoc Beach - The 9 Best Beaches In Phu Quoc Island

With 150 kilometers of coastline, there are countless number of beaches for which you can discover. Phu Quoc is probably most famous for its pristine beaches with white sands, calm sea, warm water, bright sunny paradise and other mysteries of nature

 Phu Quoc beaches that lie along the shore from North to South. You may wonder which one is your favorite destination? Below are some for you to choose from:

Bai Truong beach

Bai Truong beach stretching some 20km long south from the Duong Dong river. Here, the white sand stretches, the blue sea as jade stretches to the horizon in the golden sunshine, that beach is an ideal destination for tourist wanting peace in soul

Star beach:

Star beach is seen as the most beautiful beach in Phu Quoc island with spotlessly white and smooth as cream sand. Bai Sao is particularly beautiful in the early morning when the tide is low. Tourists can walk on the beach while watching the sunrise, listening to the sounds of the waves, and enjoy cool, fresh air. Sitting under green coconut trees, visitors can have fresh seafood and cool drinks while enjoying the golden sun and cool breeze.Visitors can also enjoy activities such as water skiing, jet skiing and kayaking.

Thom beach:

Located on the far north east of Phu Quoc approximately 35kms from Duong Dong town, This beach is very calm. The road from Duong Dong Town to Thom Beach is well paved and it is probably the most enjoyable motorbike road trip in all of Phu Quoc Island. There are a few activities that you can do at Thom Beach.  You can rent a boat and cruise along the shoreline, fish off the boat, and also visit Mot Island.  If you catch a fish (or squid) you can have one of the restaurants cook them for you for a small fee. You can also snorkel in the waters off Thom Beach as there are a few hard corals in the area.

Vung Bau Beach

Vung Bau beach is part of Phu Quoc's 40 km of sandy beaches. It is quite beautiful, the sea is very green in both rainy season and dry season, especially from this beach you can see the eye of the Nail Island. Come here you have chance to take part in some activities such as fishing, snorkeling, coral reef night fishing

Ganh Dau beach:

Ganh Dau Beach is one of Phu Quoc Islands picturesque beaches and well worth a visit. On the remote northwestern tip of the island, Ganh Dau is right north of Dai Beach and is home to the temple dedicated to Nguyen Trung Truc, a bay that is lined with the homes of fishing families and two distinct beaches.To Ganh Dau, you can be visit Nguyen Trung Truc Temple and breathtaking natural beauty is vast and beautiful. The deep blue sea, golden fine sand beaches in the Central is the good feeling when you can see right in front section of Ganh Dau. Here is a bow beach running over 500 meters long, shielded by two mountains. Standing on Ganh Dau, you can see Ta Lon mountain of Cambodia. Ganh Dau has a lot of corals, rocks and other kinds of fish, particularly red grouper. Seafood here is cheap that caught by the fishermen and cooked on the spot to be ready for you to enjoy. The most interesting thing when you visit Ganh Dau is that you can be just swimming and watching the borderland between Vietnam and Cambodia. If you like exploring you can rent boats to come two islands offshore: Hon Ban and Hon Thay Boi.

Ong Lang beach:

Ong Lang beach is situated on the path from Duong Dong town to the North island. Located close to Duong Dong town, one of the crowded place in Phu Quoc district where there V.I.P resorts, large-size restaurants, dynamic shopping malls rounding up. However, Ong Lang beach seems to stay outside of that pace of life. In contrast, it is pristine and extremely peaceful.The water is nice and usually calm, there are some jellyfish in the sea during the start of main season on Phu Quoc. The slope is continuous and rather flat.n At Ong Lang Beach you can go snorkelling, rent a kayak or get a boat to the offshore islands for scuba diving and other interesting activities

Rach Vem Beach

Rach Vem beach or in Vietnamese Bãi Rạch Vẹm is a working beach of the rustic Rach Vem fishing village that belongs to the commune of Ganh Dau. Many houses are built on stilts, especially the shelters out on the water. The area is something like a parking lot for fishing boats, while the sea is dotted with traps for various types of sea creatures. That makes a nice spot for taking pictures

Bai Khem Beach

Bai Khem beach is about 5km from An Thoi Town, and 25km from the town of Duong Dong. This is an ideal place for tourists from the mainland. Bai Khem Beach is also known as Khem Beach. All coastal areas, forests, cliffs here are pristine. Sand here is always white and smooth with clear blue seawater and azure sky all year round. Featuring an arc-shaped beach, Bai Khem Beach is also a unique beach with rocks jutting up on the sand, and turquoise water. Khem Beach attracts tourists with wild beauty and no noise like the other beaches in Phu Quoc

They are the best beaches in Phu Quoc island. When you have chance to travel in Vietnam, don't miss Phu Quoc island. you can spend 4 days 3 nights in Phu Quoc island or take part in daily tour in Phu Quoc with us. It will be unforgetable experience for your holiday


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