Sapa Stone Church -

Sa Pa is a rural district of Lào Cai Province in the Northeast region of Vietnam. Beside a lot of imposingly natural landscapes, Sapa also owns some strikingly architectural structures and one of the most famous ones is the ancient stone church


Sa Pa is a rural district of Lào Cai Province in the Northeast region of Vietnam. It attract tourist by the beauty of natural scenery, people and  the cultural characteristics of ethnic minority. In these famous places, located in the centre of Sapa town, Stone church of is considered as a symbol and an extremely attractive tourist destination, the most stopping place for sapa tours.

Sapa stone church was built in 1935 (early 20th century) and has many different names such as the old church, the stone church or the Holy Rosary church. It was designed and built by French architects. Over the time, Stone Church of Sapa has been repaired many times but it still retains the charm and soul of religious architecture. This is considered the only remaining mark of the French in Sapa.

The church was designed in the style of ancient Roman Gotic is clearly visible through the house, bell tower, arch are all pyramid. The whole church was built by stone (walls, floors, bell towers …) that are linked by a mixture of sand, lime and molasses.

Inside the church is divided into various areas including: church, row house, monk's house, breeding area, angel house, yard, fence and holy garden. Furthermore, with 500 square meters in width, the sanctuary of the church has 7 chambers and a belfry with over 20 meters in height. Inside this area, there is an ancient bell which was seamless in 1932. Interestingly, when the bell strikes, the sound can spread over 1 kilometer to some ethnic villages in Sapa.

The church of Sapa is always a place where holds many traditional cultural activities of ethnic minorities. On every Saturday evening, the front yard of the church often takes place the unique cultural activities of ethnic minorities that tourists familiar with the name "love market". With the flute, the trumpet, the guitarist, and the chanting style of the boys, young Mong people, Dao ... Along with the activities of the weekend in the space of The church is extravagant, fanciful and incredibly charismatic



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