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When mentioning of Ha Giang, it is normal for us to think of this land with the country's northernmost point named Lung Cu and many high passes on the road of happiness - the path that has changed the life of many people in the land of Ha Giang with their

Happiness road in Ha Giang 185 km long, connecting Ha Giang township with islolated mountainous districts of Quan Ba, Yen Minh,Dong Van & Meo Vac. The road has brought a prosperous life for ethnic, people on Ha Giang rocky plateau, expressing the streng of the human before the harshness of nature

The road of happiness & its history.

The road was formed by the hands of more than 1,300 men and women volunteers from 6 provinces of Viet Nam and two delta provinces (Nam Dinh, Hai Duong) and more than 1,000 people of 16 ethnic groups on the rocky plateau embarked on Mountains open the way within 7 years. The Road was built with extremely simple working tools of hoes, shovels, hammers, crowbar, wheelbarrow; in really difficult working conditions of food shortages, salt deficiency, lacks of green vegetables & water; under the extreme climates of the highlands – hot summer like roasted, winter cold like cutting meat; and faced up lots of abstacles,dangers & deaths as well.

To make that road, 14 volunteers & workers sacrified their life and permanently laid down on the road with rocks. Therefore, when completed, the road was named “ Happiness” – happy by the unity & effort of young volunteers & workers  to build the road with their health & their blood and happy that Ha Giang lands & thousands of people here are no more isolated. The road open more opportunties for people in the regions with better education, heathcare & better life. It is the way to brighten the future of many children now & forever.

Explore Ha Giang Happiness Road

The Road to Happiness is not only worth it, this is also the road that those who love adventure, exploring the desire to visit is to admire the beauty of nature in the land of the country. .

Happiness Road starts from Ha Giang City with milestone Km 0. The first 20 km of the road is relatively flat we will meet the Pass Gate - Quan Ba ​​heaven then to Yen Minh with impressive view of layers of pine forests, to Dong Van districts with nice stops to visit Lung Cu flag tower, Vuong palaces & weekly markets ; and overcome Ma Pi Leng Pass ( with breathtaking captivation of magnificient mountains,deep valleys & Nho Que river running like a colorful thread through the cliff) to reach Meo Vac town.Touching the milestone of 185km is also when the journey with the path of happiness is completed



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