10 Famous Sapa Food To Eat You Should To Know

Come to Sapa, you are not only be enchanted by its fresh air, cool climate, outstanding scenery but also have chance to enjoy the fresh and unique food of the ethnic people in Sapa. If you have a chance to visit Sapa, plan ahead to fullfil your belly with

1.Sapa Thang Co

Thang Co is the traditional food of Hmoong people and it has been cooked for hundreds years. You can easily find this dish in their villages and markets. The main ingredient of Thang Co Sapa is made of horsemeat, horse’s viscera and horse’s bone. The seasonings comprises of 12 spices from cardamon, ginger, citronella, anise to cinnamon twig. The locals stew horsemeat with these 12 spices in a big pot within a couple of hours.

When eating, you can add a little chilli, pepper or salt. Especially, Thang Co tastes best when being served with corn wine- the fragrant wine of the highland region. The harmonious combination of Thang Co and corn wine brings an unforgettable and pleasant taste.

2. Sapa Cap Nach Pork

At the fair of Lao Cai, you can easily see local people selling small pigs whose weight is less than 20kg. “Cap nach” pigs are special food of Sapa. There are many ways to make this dish  such as steaming, baking, stir-frying and frying. Nomally, the locals roast a whole pig directly on charcoal so that the skin covering the pork is very brittle while the pork inside is very delicious and fleshy.

3. Bamboo sticky rice

The main ingredient of this dish is sticky rice. The local people cut a piece of bamboo tree, then pour sticky rice, salt and spring water, end up with covering by leaf and grilling. It is very popular and is a favorite dish of the locals and tourists

4. Salmon Hotpot

It is the fact that salmon was originally found only in cold regions such as Europe or America so the appear of such fish in Sapa likes a joke. But it is not. With the cool weather all year round and a cold even snowy winter, Sapa salmon is blessed to have very fresh meat, firm muscles and almost no grease. People process it in many different ways to create delicious dishes such as salmon salads, grilled salmon, sashimi, salmon cooked with curry. However, salmon hot pot is the most favorite dish of many diners. With the delicious taste and high nutritional value, salmon is the luxury food for the people when visiting Sapa

5. Pau Play Day Cake

Pau Play Day Cake is made of glutinous rice. Glutinous rice is soaked in water about 2 hours and steamed till the rice well done  then pours it into the pot. After that, sticky rice will be put into mortar and grind until well-kneaded, viscid and sticky

6. Grilled fish

 Grilled fish is usually found in the stream of Sapa. Almost of them are not so big, just as big as your fingers.

7. Barbecue in Sapa

Sapa cuisine is most famous for its grilled dishes, almost anything to grill. From sweet potatoes are the most grilled dishes, vegetables wrapped in meat, wrapped in Sapa mushrooms, cooked rice, chicken legs, cheap nuts, fish balls, and eggs also baked. It is cheap price and delicious food and you can pick the dish you like and grill on a charcoal stove. In the evening, Cau May street becomes crowded because of the attraction of barbecue restaurants. If you have chance to go to Sapa, try it!

8. Khang Gai Dried Meat

Sapa is famous for dried meat especially dried buffalo meat which is a traditional food of the Thai people in Sapa. Each dried part of meat weighs about 2 kilos and can be stored for years

9. Black Mushroom

Sapa has cool temperature that many kinds of temperate plants grow and black forest mushroom is a typical one. Fresh mushrooms are skewered into sticks to dry naturally or hung up in the kitchen. Dried mushrooms soak in water, they will bigger however, they maintain its flavors Mushroom. Local people stir fry mushroom with pork while others use it as a main component for hot-pot. You cab enjoy this food at any restaurant

10. Black chicken

Black chicken is a kind of small chicken with a dark skin. The locals here usually graze these black chickens naturally so chicken is quite tough and tasty. Black chicken is one of the delicious and famous dishes in Sapa. You can enjoy black chickens processed in many different ways but the best recommendation is the chicken soaked in honey then grilled directly on charcoal. It's more flavorful if you eat the chicken with a mixture of salt, pepper and lime juice. If you have chance to visit Sapa, you should enjoy this delicious food


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