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Sapa is an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists. This place not only attract tourists by the fresh air, beautiful natural scenery with the cultural diversity of ethnic groups but also preserves the mysterious ancient culture. Sapa anci

Sa Pa Ancient Rock Field is located in Muong Hoa Valley, Hau Thao Village, Sa Pa District, Lao Cai Province.The stone was taken by Glubev, a French-born Russian archaeologist from the Far East Northeast School in 1925. Later, many Western researchers came to explore and introduce it widely in the media. Over the past 100 years, it has become increasingly popular among domestic and international visitors to visit every sapa trip.

The ancient rocky stretch of 8km² with nearly 200 stone blocks around the Muong Hoa stream is a testament to the presence of prehistoric people here. The engravings on the surfaces of the rock are pictographic or decorative. Remarkably, among the engravings are drawings of humans, stilt houses of the ethnic minorities and symbols considered to be a primitive form of writing. However their meaning hasn't yet been deciphered.

 The stones here are concentrated in two large yards.

 The first one is next to the Pho, the Mong people at the end of Hoa stream. The amount of rock here is not much but the largest rocks, blocks up to 12 m long. Some large stone plates have dense and diverse carvings.

The second stone is adjacent to the two communes of Hao Thao and Lao Chai, the largest rock with more than 100 large blocks.

Though Sapa is not the only region detecting these boulders, this is still a wonderful thing for Vietnam. It proves that the ancient people had firmly clung on the land, conquering the nature for survival and development. In terms of the concentrations of the rocks, the carved rocks in Ta Van deserve to be top rank. 159 boulders with their crisp carvings, handwriting in the form of early and relatively complete are considered as 159 most ancient steles in Vietnam. Looking closely at the boulders, tourists can recognize the shapes of square, rectangular, singlet lines, parallel lines and cross ones, human figures, animals, and daily activities.


Foreign tourists, especially the French, once participating in Sapa travel often take much time to contemplate and compare with the carved stone monuments in Sereda Capivara (Brazil), Boyne (Ireland), Matopo (Zimbabwe) or at some areas in the immense sandy Sahara desert. For the Vietnamese tourists, visiting Sapa ancient rock field is to look for intensive knowledge on ancient culture compared with carvings on stone, animal horns or on the metal artifacts having been discovered across the country. Sapa ancient rock field is one of the precious natural heritages, not only conveying the pristine beauty of the land but also strong attracting tourists. It deserves to be one of the bright spots and the most appealing tourist attractions in Sapa tourism.


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